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SIP Garden Rooms

At Redcliffe Construction, we offer high quality SIP garden room installation services. Beautiful and functional SIP garden rooms are created by our specialist professional team. With our expertise in construction and design, we can transform your outdoor space into a stylish and comfortable environment, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a garden office or a larger studio, our garden rooms are designed to enhance your productivity and usage, while seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings.

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Ecologic Sustainable SIP Structures


Our collaboration with a New Forest based SIPs manufacturer has given us the ability to design and construct the very best SIP Garden Room for your outdoor space.

Not only does SIPs deliver the very best in terms of Eco credentials, but its flexible, modular format, enables your building to be of any size and shape, with windows and doors in any position required.

SIPs Explained

What are SIPs? Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high performance modular building system for residential construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB).

  • Modular SIP (structural insulating panel) design
  • FSC Certified OSB3 (oriented strand board) for strength
  • 100 grade EPS insulation material for insulated panels
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable materials
  • Improved thermal bridging energy efficiency
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Benefits of SIPs For Garden Rooms

High levels of thermal performanceHigh levels of thermal performance
Improved energy efficiency (cheaper to heat (and cool) your Garden RoomImproved energy efficiency (cheaper to heat (and cool) your Garden Room
Improved air tightnessImproved air tightness
Reduced shrinkageReduced shrinkage
Reduced cold bridging (no cold spots)Reduced cold bridging (no cold spots)
Rapid weather tightening (very quick to install)Rapid weather tightening (very quick to install)

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The Use of Garden Rooms in the UK

A SIP Garden Room can be used for various purposes such as a garden office, gym, or studio. Here is a closer look at some of the common uses.

Garden Office: A SIP Garden Room can serve as a comfortable and separate workspace, allowing you to work from home without distractions. It provides a dedicated area for productivity and can be customized with sufficient storage, desk space, and electrical outlets.

Studio or Workshop: If you are an artist, musician, or hobbyist, a SIP Garden Room can be transformed into a creative studio or workshop. It offers a quiet and private space where you can focus on your artistic pursuits or work on DIY projects without disturbing others in the house.

Fitness or Yoga Studio: A SIP Garden Room can be designed as a dedicated fitness or yoga space, allowing you to exercise or practice yoga in a peaceful environment. It can be equipped with appropriate flooring, mirrors, and fitness equipment to suit your exercise routine.

Entertainment Room: A SIP Garden Room can be transformed into an entertainment area, such as a home theatre or gaming room. It can be equipped with comfortable seating, audiovisual equipment, and soundproofing to create an immersive entertainment experience.

Relaxation Space: A SIP Garden Room can also be used as a relaxation space, where you can unwind, read, or meditate. It can be designed with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and a calming ambiance to create a peaceful retreat within your property.

Playroom for Children: If you have children, a SIP Garden Room can be converted into a dedicated playroom. It provides a safe and spacious area for children to play, store toys, and engage in creative activities.

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SIP Panel Data for Garden Rooms

Walls SIP Panel Thickness96mm
Walls EPS Insulation Thickness74mm
Walls U-Value0.38
Roof SIP Panel Thickness120mm
Roof EPS Insulation Thickness98mm
Roof U-Value0.29
Floor SIP Panel Thickness96mm
Floors EPS Insulation Thickness74mm
Floors U-Value0.38
OSB Skins Thickness11mm
Max Panel Length1.2m or 3m
Max Panel Width1.2m

A SIP Garden Room Construction

SIPs Garden Room Under Construction

SIPs Garden Room Under Construction

SIPs Garden Room Under Construction

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